“Waves” by The King’s Parade

Uber-talented UK-based indie band The King’s Parade come to us with the beautiful and inspiring sonic creation that is “Waves”. With this exquisite and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics they explore the sweet unknown magic of life and how we are connected through something that we can’t see. The track embraces the unknown nature of our existence with open arms and walks away from what we believe we know as it caresses our hearts and souls with such a warm touch. The track understands that not everything has been set in stone, even if we want to believe that is the case, life still offers those light touches of what’s hard to define.

It caresses our senses and invites us into a world that is simply intoxicating and mesmerizing from the very first second. So listen, smile and fall without fear into the open arms of this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“‘Waves’ is about human connection. The song is inspired by a recurring dream that I’ve been having for years where I find myself sinking into sand while feeling waves of energy echoing my heartbeat. After discovering that my mother shared the same dream I decided to explore it further with the rest of the band. The album explores the way certain moments shape our entire existence.”

Olly Corpe of The King’s Parade

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