“Shelter” by Taylor T

From the UK comes the uber-talented Taylor T with the folk sonic creation that is “Shelter”. With this track he offers us a mellow and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics that manage to easily connect with the listener in an instant. The soundscape is warm and something about pulls us gently into a realm that manages to feel like home almost instantly. Something about the track just makes you feel so happy and so at peace with yourself as it serves us a most amazing dose of musical ambrosia.

He has crafted something that is just so precious and so magical that you just want to share with all you know for it can be a truly mesmerizing experience. So listen, imagine and fall prey to the sweet escapism offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: Luna Keller features in this track as the backing vocals

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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