“29 (it’s your birthday)” by Kody Ryan

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Kody Ryan comes to us with an honest and personal sonic creation in “29 (it’s your birthday)”. The track is quite introspective to the artist and manages to invite the listeners to look within and reflect on their lives with a gentle and warm touch. The melodies and lyrics embrace the down-to-earth feel of the verses and manage to pull us in without a second thought. There’s something about this track that just feels right elevating the soundscape to something so mesmerizing and special. So listen carefully and simply let this must-listen gem whisper words that connect with your humanity and your youth. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“The theme of this track is reflection on my 20s and what I learned. My vices and how they still affect me. Not changing or folding on things that mean something to me and learning to change/embrace scary things that I’ve been too afraid to do when I was younger. Like questioning religion, learning to not care what others truly think about me.”

Kody Ryan

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