“Change your mind” by Pikes

Swedish indie pop singer/songwriter Pikes explores the extremes that at times were part of young love with “Change your mind”. He reminisce about the reality that we all lived through, in which everything that did not work instantly seemed like the end of the world. The melodies and lyrics complement each other quite perfectly allowing the track to instantly pull us in and take us back to that time. The soundscape embraces the overly-dramatic nature of young love in a way that is quite endearing and even charming in its own unique way.

The track caresses our senses and allows itself to become a home for all our memories and stories as it offers us the chance to let our imagination unfold and the past become one with the present. So listen, remember and enjoy the sweet magic found within this must-listen gem.

Location: Sweden

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“‘Change your mind’ is written in the spirit of unexperienced love. A homage to a time in your life when every setback felt like the end of the world and when two weeks felt like an eternity.”


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