“Off my ass” by Prinze George

Uber-talented and hypnotizing indie pop band Prinze George offer us a chance to dive within ourselves with the sonic masterpiece that is “Off my ass”. With this refreshingly unique and captivating blend of sounds and visuals they offer us a chance to escape from reality and find the perfect place to call home within ourselves. The track comes together quite nicely and as it comes together piece by piece caresses our senses and offers our imagination a welcomed dose of introspective escapism. So, listen closely and let the melodies and lyrics become one and speak to our souls with such a warmth and sweet magic. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“When my roommate said ‘if you’re not alone in here, you’re not alone’ – I realized how easy it is to discredit ourselves in moments of weakness. Part of the quote displayed at a Palm Springs art exhibition about the San Andreas fault reads ‘the earth shouldn’t move you; you should move with it.’ In the video, I wanted to display that intimate chaos that occurs when you’re going through something that has knocked you off your game.

Off My Ass is really the first hug I have ever given myself through my work. I am a deep feeling person and become very angry/explosive when I am hurting. I make mistakes. I don’t know how to lie about how I feel. No matter how awful I’ve been to other people in moments of weakness, I have always been, without a shadow of a doubt, the absolute hardest on myself.”

Naomi Almquist of Prinze George

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