“Summer of my life” by KEiiNO

Norwegian indie pop band KEiiNO comes to us with a catchy and playful soundscape in “Summer of my life”. With this refreshingly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics they take us back to our youth as we reminisce about those summers that made being young so memorable. The track embraces these experiences and offers us a chance to reconnect with them with such natural feel that you can’t help but want to hear it over and over again. The track caresses our senses and immediately brings a smile to our face for it understands that sometimes we just need that escape from our modern problems and go back to a time when joy was easier to find.

There’s something about it as well that offers us a chance to feel hope and excitement for it knows that the future holds mysteries that could bring joy as well. Something about this track just makes for the perfect summer anthem for the modern masses as it invites all to explore its sweet magic. So listen, be happy and embrace the unique touch of this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Norway

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“We hope people will be blasting ‘Summer of My Life’ this summer, wherever they may spend it. Hopefully it will both bring back memories and build excitement for the things to come. If you ask me, it’s the perfect song for a road trip.” 

Alexandra of KEiiNO

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