“Origami” by ZÖ

From New Zealand comes the magical and pure voice of with her latest single, “Origami”. With this mesmerizing sonic creation, she offers each and every listener a chance to bring down their walls and simply connect with the raw and honest nature of this soundscape. The melodies and lyrics flow naturally hand in hand caressing our senses with a fine dose of inspiration and motivation that does not aim to serve as a quest for perfection but instead invites us to see that our imperfections are part of us.

The soundscape is so refreshingly hypnotizing and insightful for it knows that we need something real and down-to-earth to reconnect with our own hearts and souls. Listen closely and embrace the sweet touch of magic offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: New Zealand

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“Origami is a vulnerable song – it’s about asking for help when I slip back into my old, negative ways of thinking, the negative beliefs I have about myself. I know it is something I need to overcome and work on myself, but sometimes I just need someone to hold me accountable.”


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