“Problems” by Darla Jade

UK-based indie goddess Darla Jade opens up her heart and soul and gives life to the mesmerizing sonic creation that is “Problems”. With this sweet and utterly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the harsh truth of sadness, love and all that lies in between. It’s an interesting track that feels melancholic yet also so full of warmth and understanding, making for a truly unique sonic experience. There’s something about this soundscape that caresses your senses and speaks to you in a way that is simply so refreshing and so vivid pulling the right trigger to set your imagination on fire. Vocally she offers us something as close to perfection as possible and manages to invite us in and allow us to be part of this tale she has crafted. So listen closely and simply fall prey to this sweet dose of escapism. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Problems is a track that is a really personal one for me and I think this is why it was a quick one to write. Simon Pereira & I wrote it in October time in 2020 and we just wrote the whole thing on a splice loop. I then pulled in Rhys Fletcher to do the production, as I just really love everything he produces! I’m so excited to share this one as it’s certainly a side I’ve not shown of me yet.”

Darla Jade

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