“On Top” by Dan Croll

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Dan Croll comes to us with a welcomed blend of classic and contemporary with his latest creation, “On Top”. With this refreshingly enticing and welcoming soundscape he offers us a chance to smile and find some truly captivating good vibes. The track is quite vivid and playful as it blends melodies and lyrics painting a picture that is sure to instantly caress your senses and pull you in. He has given life to a track that embraces the way our hearts feel when we are apart from those we love, but thankfully it does the take the sad melancholic route and instead finds the beauty in the inspiration and support they bring no matter where they are. It truly is a special song that has instantly turned into a personal favorite that I can just listen to and close my eyes and just smile. So I invite you to enjoy it with and embrace the sweet dose of escapism that this must-listen gem brings forth. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“As with any album release it’s usually followed by months on the road touring, sadly for “Grand Plan” this wasn’t the case as it was released right towards the start of the pandemic and we were all locked down. During the months following the release I found myself romanticising those days on the road and the emotional rollercoaster that usually ensues with the distance from loved ones. This song was for all those who support me doing what I’m extremely lucky to do, and that just the thought of them can raise my spirits wherever I am.”

Dan Croll

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