“Nothing Makes Sense” by Namelle

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Namelle gives life to an utterly captivating and inviting sonic reality with her latest single, “Nothing Makes Sense”. With this blend of melodies and lyrics she paints a picture that is quite human yet so surreal and hypnotizing from beginning to end. The track explores those moments in which things simply stop making sense and people just disappear without saying goodbye. It’s not like a piece of you goes with them, but you were expecting something else, like some sort of formal process that now will never happen. It’s in all fairness, part of life and part of those unknown pockets of “Did that just happen?” moments that bring that intoxicating feel to our existence and relationships.

So simply listen and be grateful for the unlimited magic that seems to be part of the Scandinavian waters that bring forth such talented artists like her. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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