“Fame” by Hunter Falls

From Belgium comes the uber-talented Hunter Falls once more and this time arrives with the sonic creation that is “Fame”. With this exquisite and uniquely hypnotizing soundscape he speaks of his adventure and his quest for that recognition that all aim to achieve. While music is beautiful and magical, the reality is that eventually as an artist, you want to play those sold-out stadiums because it means your stories are being heard by more and more people. He does not sugarcoat or aim to hide that drive and that passion as he pushes one step after the other making sure he can get that prize that he deserves. The track is so honest and mesmerizing and allows the melodies and lyrics to perfectly become one and truly caress our senses instantly. So listen, imagine and dive into this realm made up of the fire that dwells within him. Enjoy!

Location: Belgium

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“The song is about having to make a devastating decision between the things you love the most. In this instance, I had to stay in the studio for months on end to work, which weighed down on my relationship with my loved ones. My whole life I had been chasing for a life of fame, but love certainly had made things complicated.”

Hunter Falls

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