“Whiplash” by Tommy Ashby ft. Lydia Clowes

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Tommy Ashby joins forces with Lydia Clowes and together they have created the magical sonic realm of “Whiplash”. With this endearing and down the earth blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a tale so real and so hypnotizing that you are sure to instantly fall for it. The track speaks clearly to your heart and soul and invites you to feel a connection and to be part of the story that unfolds.

Verse after verse the track unfolds and becomes one with the airwaves caressing the borders of musical perfection so gently and so beautifully. They complement each other quite nicely and the way in which the vocals flow hand in hand is utterly mesmerizing and instantly intoxicating adding to the experience and making it a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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This song is about two people who were around each other growing up but were very different and never quite had the chance get together. As they grow up, they find themselves always looking for each other in a crowd, imagining what a certain situation would be like if they were there. As they grow up and struggle through various things, they lean on each other for support, creating a little bubble that they can live in.

Tommy Ashby

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