“Racing” by Rightfield

From Arkansas comes the uber-talented duo Rightfield with the pop-rock contemporary masterpiece that is “Racing”. With this refreshingly soothing yet electrifying blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to something utterly and captivating and so special and amazing to hear. The track caresses our senses with a gentle touch that instantly manages to speak to us and invites us to become one with the story as it unfolds verse after verse. The track is honestly one of my favorite and I am sorry it took a while to share because every music lover deserves a chance to explore this sonic realm. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet escape offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“Similar to ‘Gone!’ and even ‘Himalayas’, ‘Racing’ is about recognizing cycles of complacency and doing things that are uncomfortable in order to break them. It’s supposed to have a nostalgic feel, looking back at specific memories like pulling off the highway and swimming in a river that are pretty specific and personal, but also timeless and relatable to anyone listening. The verses set the scene and build a clear picture so that the chorus can basically release all of the built up energy. It’s super simple because it’s meant to be yelled. The hope for ‘Racing’ is for people to feel the warmth of these nostalgic moments wherever they’re at.”

Jack Blocker of Rightfield

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