“Only One” by Felix Cartal ft. Karen Harding

Vancouver-based Felix Cartal joins forces with the magical vocals provided by Karen Harding and together they give life to “Only One”. With this exquisite and electrifying soundscape, they explore the sweet magic of falling in love and finding that special person that makes it all seem so right. With the melodies and lyrics coming together so naturally, they allow the story to unfold perfectly into the airwaves and instantly pull us in making us part of the experience. There’s something about the way in which the verses flow one after the other that instantly connects with your senses and offers your imagination an intoxicating and mesmerizing escape. Plus the karaoke-style video makes for a refreshing and playful experience that can be shared by those you care for most or enjoy from the privacy of your own home. So dive into the hypnotizing realm found within this must-listen/must-see gem and enjoy the ride.

Location: Canada

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I wrote this one with KarenChelsea, and Nick during a spontaneous session in LA. I feel like I have two modes when I make music, mode 1 would be something with an emotional heaviness, and mode 2 would be a response to just break away and make something that’s more of an uplifting escape. It was the summer, and I definitely was in mode 2.”

Felix Cartal

 “I loved this writing session. We were all on such a high, and I think it definitely came across in the song. We wanted to write a song about that overwhelming feeling of when you know someone is ‘the one‘, we’ve all felt it at some point.”

Karen Harding

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