A Double Dose of … Zayde Wolf

First off let’s take a fine shot of “Holy Water” to get us started and hooked by the fiery sound of Zayde Wolf. With this enticing and out-of-this-world sonic escapade, he offers our imagination a chance to dive into something so utterly vivid and lush making sure we become one with the story that unfolds. The verses flow one after the other pulling us into a realm made of contemporary rock sounds that are sure to make a home out of our hearts and souls. He has crafted something so powerful and almost anthemic that it is bound to instantly bring forth some sort of spiritual and mental healing. There’s no denying that we are hooked and the thirst that we now have could never be satisfied unless we pour more of his fine serving of musical whiskey.

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And now…”The Reason”

That’s not enough and we need more of this sound so Zayde continues setting the path for our musical pleasure and this times pulls us into the sonic realm of “The Reason”. With this fantastic blend of melodies and lyrics he offers us a chance to remember that the drive and the fire to push forward lies deep within us non-stop. The track is intoxicating and electrifying for he motivates all who listen to follow their dreams and use this soundscape as part of the soundtrack to make things happen. It is honestly a one-of-a-kind rock escapade that offers ours senses a much needed wake-up call. So listen closely and find healing, magic and drive within his must-listen gems. Enjoy!

"Where do wе go from here? Look in my eyes
There's a spark that we don't need to hide, no
Don't hide it, no
Yeah, bullets in the gun, we pay the price
We must overcome, it's time to rise up, rise up"

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