“Darling” by Vaarin

Uber-talented Norwegian indie singer/songwriter Vaarin comes to us with the magical and honest sonic creation that is “Darling”. With this soothing and exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics she speaks of a love so pure, so real and so utterly magical that words can barely comprehend. The picture she paints is one that will speak to your heart and soul offering your senses a gentle reminder that there’s beauty like this in the world and that we all deserve it. Listen carefully, close your eyes and let its vivid and lush lyricism feed your imagination with the most amazing musical ambrosia. Grab a hold of your humanity and explore the realm that resides within this amazing must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Norway

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“It’s all about that everyday love, that love you feel watching television with your family on the couch. That love you feel just by knowing someone inside out. A love so huge no words are big enough to explain, yet we tend to forget this kind of love. It’s also a song about wanting to help the one you love, and about the frustration of not being able to.”


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