“Twice” by Tobias Dray ft. Charlie Powers

French DJ/Multi-instrumentalist Tobias Dray joins forces with the exquisite voice of Charlie Powers to give life to “Twice”. Together they blend melodies and lyrics to give life to a vivid and instantly captivating tale of love, heartbreak and how difficult it is to let go. With this refreshingly playful yet honest soundscape they make sure to hit all the right spots to offer us something bound to speak to our senses as our imagination feels invested with what lies inside. There’s something about the way in which Tobias lays down the perfect foundation for Charlie to come forth and grab a hold of our hearts with his gentle and mesmerizing voice.

The track is without a shadow of a doubt a perfect contemporary must-listen masterpiece bound to become not only a fan favorite, but the perfect gateway drug to get you hooked by the magic provided by this talented pair. Enjoy!

Location: France

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