“Dear Mom” by Dax

Canadian indie hip-hop artist Dax comes to Wolf in a Suit with the beautiful and inspiring sonic creation that is “Dear Mom”. With this wonderful blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a letter to his mom (and in a way to all moms) in which he accepts the value of her efforts and all the hardship she went through. The track understands the power of a mother’s voice and how she always looked out for him and made sure he achieves all she ever dreamed for him while pushing him to pursue his own dreams. The track is powerful and relatable for it knows how to connect the dots and remind us of the beauty and the fire found in our mothers. He is thankful for having such an inspiring and wonderful mother and invites us to do the same, and personally, I am thankful for mine and hope you are thankful for yours. So listen, see and smile as you get the push to call your mother and let her know that you appreciate all she went through and that she is a queen. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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