“Don’t Need Your Love” by Mila Nile

The uber-talented Australia-based Scandinavian indie goddess Mila Nile is back and this time she arrives with “Don’t need your love”. With this exquisitely crafted blend of melodies and lyrics she explores how the quest for validation can end up putting a dent on our hearts and souls. From the start you may feel the track is talking about a romantic relationship but in reality she explores a wide array of moments and connections that are made through various forms of relationships. She explores her own story with her adventure in music and her constant grinding and pushing forward even when there are voices trying to bring her down and make her feel as if she was not enough to make it.

This happens throughout life and sadly there’s always going to be someone or something making you feel out of sync and far way from achieving anything, and sometime they really hit hard enough to make us believe it. But with this soundscape she finds her voice and reminds us of the strength of ours as we can clearly that the only voice that matters when trying to accomplish anything is ours. Make sure to listen carefully for this vivid and mesmerizing must-listen gem has it all to make sure you stay on track and find the validation you are seeking from others within yourself. Enjoy!

Location (Based): Australia

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