“What’s so tough about love?” by Dubby Mac

Up and coming US-based indie singer/songwriter Dubby Mac comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet and honest sonic and visual creation that is “What’s so tough about love?”. With a perfectly balanced blend of melodies and lyrics he paints a picture that is so raw and so human. He explores the at times harsh truth regarding love and how it can be confused with something else when out of nowhere it decides to no longer be part of the equation. The story within the soundscape showcases a wide array of feelings and emotions that makes it so relatable and so mesmerizing from the moment you press play. The track aims to remind us that love can end and when it turns into something close to pain, then it’s time to say goodbye and walk away before things get worse. So listen, see and explore the raw and human nature of this must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“When I wrote this I was in a relationship that ended up deteriorating. We got to the point where we were spending a lot of time telling each other the behaviors that we didn’t like from each other in an attempt to make things better and that process birthed this song. It just seemed like so much of our relationship was work and I kept thinking about the Beatles lyrics “love is all you need.” I thought to myself ‘If it’s all that you need why does it feel so terrible?’ I think the reality of it was that the love was gone and I was confusing a relationship that had ran its course for love. That’s where the line “Is this love? Is this pain? Somedays it feels like they’re the same.” came from. To sum it up I ended up getting cheated on, so the answer to my own question would be that it was pain and not love lolol. Now the song is an anthem for me to be more aware of red flags in the future and be firm on the boundaries I set. The song can sort of sound like a love song at first listen but it’s more about finding yourself out of the depths of getting lost in an unhealthy relationship.”

Dubby Mac

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