“Legacy” by Goldthread

Up and coming indie pop-rock band Goldthread come to Wolf in a Suit with their debut single, say hello to “Legacy”. With this exquisite and hypnotizing soundscape they understand that when people leave a mark that is hard to forget, it’s not always for the best. Sometimes those who hurt and broke you leave scars that are hard to erase and move past them. Sometimes our bad decisions remain part of our present and our future and finding a way to cope and move forward may be quite difficult. But they blend melodies and lyrics to deliver a powerful reminder that maybe we can all move forward even with this heavy burden trying to push us down.

The track also explores a deeper message that explores the weight of the decisions of those before and how our decisions will affect those that come after us. It’s a powerful contemporary masterpiece that not only makes you think but also gets you excited for what this amazing band will give life to next. So listen, see and explore the hypnotizing and honest realm of this one-of-a-kind must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“To leave a legacy is to leave something of yours behind for the next generation. Usually, it’s a positive connotation and you remember the impact people leave on you in a kind way. This song takes the meaning of leaving a legacy and looks at it through a different lens – sometimes people don’t leave you with happy memories. Sometimes your story is marked by the negative impact other people have passed down to you. Legacy is about redefining what it means to carry the weight of bad decisions made by the generations before you..” 


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