“Andorinhas” by Ana Moura

From Portugal comes the hauntingly captivating and talented indie singer/songwriter Ana Moura with the music video for her sonic creation, “Andorinhas”. With this beautifully magical blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a story of a search for freedom and understanding of all that life has to offer. The track explores the various moments that come to be part of our existence with a sweet dose of the unknown allowing our senses to feed our imagination with something sweet and quite unique. The track breaks down the barriers that at times are set in place by language and instead offers us the chance to be part of something greater than anything ever felt or heard. She has crafted what to me, can easily be labeled as contemporary masterpiece that is grounded and still connected to the sounds of the past. So listen, see and dive into the mesmerizing realm of this must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Portugal

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