“If I know myself” by LonelyTwin

Swedish indie singer/songwriter LonelyTwin comes to Wolf in a Suit with the personal and mesmerizing sonic creation that is “If I know myself”. With this captivating and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics she opens up her heart and soul and showcases the fragile nature of her reality inviting us to realize that we are the same. She explores the many facets of what it means to fall for someone and does so in a way that is quite freeing and honest as it understands that fear is part of this equation. Her voice serves as the perfect guide allowing the verses come one after the other making sure the image is clear and relatable as the story unfolds and pulls us in. There’s no denying that the soundscape that makes up this fantastic track is one for the books and personally has earned the title of must-listen gem. So listen closely and dive into the unknown and surreal magic of this one-of-a-kind track and let her story connect with yours. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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“The single comes from such a genuine place. I was so in love with this girl, but I couldn’t tell her because nothing about the timing was right. I was still hoping it might work out because I know I have a hard time letting go when I feel like something is real.”


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