“Take me on down” by Alta Falls

Australian indie pop-duo Alta Falls come to us with the inspiring and electrifying sonic gem that is “Take me on down”. With this refreshing and playful blend of melodies, they paint a picture that speaks to us and makes us feel an instant connection. The track absolutely amazing and manages to keep you hook as everything takes place and the story starts to feel like if it was yours. There’s something about this soundscape that evokes a very welcomed and warm touch that speaks to our hearts and sends shockwaves to our imagination. Listen closely for this one-of-a-kind showcase of feelings, emotions, and sounds has everything to become a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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“We recorded this song in 2020 when it felt like the world was pulling in multiple directions all at once, and the divide was getting bigger, wider, and deeper,” said Alta Falls. The song asks, “How did we all get so sure about things, and get so stuck in our own heads that we can’t even see things from someone else’s perspective? What if there was a world where people saw things from the other side?”

Alta Falls

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