“Lost” by narou ft. Ava June

From Germany come the uber-talented narou and Ava June and together they give life to the haunting sonic creation that is “Lost”. With this exquisite and surreal blend of melodies and lyrics, they transport us to an unknown yet strangely familiar realm bound to wake up our senses and speak to our hearts. The track caresses the fragile nature of humanity and explores the bittersweet truth behind the quest for love. The soundscape is truly mesmerizing and invites you to dance, sing and simply close your eyes and let your imagination roll the dice. So listen, feel and dive into the sweet magic of this amazing must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“What I like most about “Lost” is the fact that it gives the listeners a feeling of hope and joy, while being quite sad & melancholic at the same time. It is the perfect tune to do both: practice your dance moves or simply sit back and daydream. Lyrically “Lost” takes you on a vulnerable and honest journey, where the recurring pattern of losing one’s self in a romantic relationship is the main topic.”


“Singing this at the top of my lungs releases a lot of blockage in me. Singing about the state of feeling down, the need of being held and the impersonation of my fears, lifts me up. Just as talking about things always takes the weight off of them.”

Ava June

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