“The Woods” by World’s First Cinema

Uber-talented indie-pop band World’s First Cinema arrives at the lands of the Wolf in a Suit with the vivid and lush sonic gem that is “The Woods”. With this exciting and hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life a reality bound to grab a hold of us instantly. The track paints a vivid that is so real and so raw that it will send a shock to your senses and activate your imagination from the moment you press play. The soundscape is without a doubt one of the most amazing and exciting I’ve had the pleasure to explore and really feel invested in. There’s something about it that just hits all the right notes and offers us a chance to enjoy a must-listen gem bound to be a fan favorite. Enjoy!

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‘The Woods’ takes listeners on a journey to survive the night in a forbidden forest whilst dangerous and mystical predators close in on all sides.

Sonically the track implements intricate pop rock production peppered with unique movie foley sounds to bring the story to life in vivid color. Climaxing in a huge ballad-esque chorus, the song boasts a unique perspective in the Pop Rock world.

The Woods’ acts as the first offering in a universe building lore inspired by the bands obsession with Horror movies and Dungeons & Dragons. The stage is set to swallow listeners into a world synonymous with what we typically see only in books, tv shows & films.”

World’s First Cinema

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