“Put you out like a flame” by Blood Honey

US-based Up-and-coming indie-pop band Blood Honey comes to Wolf in a Suit with their honest and powerful track, “Put you out like a flame”. With this track, they blend melodies and lyrics in a way that empowers you and reminds you that there’s power in your voice and that nobody can make you do anything you don’t want. The track perfectly showcases this in a vivid and instantly hypnotizing allowing the soundscape to unfold and make a home of our minds. Our senses feel a connection with the tale that is coming together within this track for it is so human and so raw that you are sure to have seen it or lived it. So listen closely and find your connection with this amazing must-listen gem. Enjoy!

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“As an Asian woman, I get stereotyped as being soft and submissive. In ‘Put You Out Like a Flame,’ I’m turning the tables on that trope and owning my power.”

Jackie of Blood Honey

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