“Us and Them” by Palma Louca

UK-based indie rock band Palma Louca come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the haunting sonic creation that is “Us and Them”. With this refreshingly captivating and unique blend of melodies and lyrics, they walk away from the cliches and give life to something hypnotizing and unlike anything else. The soundscape explores the limits of your senses and imagination in a way that allows you to feel invested in what’s going on within the verses. The track lands nicely caressing your soul as it whispers sweet nothings that allow the dark twist to be so surprising and so beautifully intoxicating. So listen closely and fall prey to the fine dose of escapism offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

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“Our motivation behind this track stemmed from becoming tired of clichéd love songs. We wanted to engage the listener with a dark twist. We also enjoyed playing with perspectives, switching from character to character and then narrator. Instrumentally, we wanted to keep the song reasonably sparse to allow the vocals to be more impactful, focusing on a lot of deeper, bass driven elements to help project the darker narrative. Compared to a lot of our previous tracks, lyrics held more weight in directing the musical choices throughout.”

Joe of Palma Louca

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