“Never Been Good” by Lydia Luce

Uber-talented US-based indie singer/songwriter Lydia Luce comes to us with the visual and sonic gem that is “Never Been Good”. With this powerful and refreshingly captivating soundscape she gives life to a track that is so honest, so raw and so perfectly human making for a one-of-kind experience. The track is personally, perfect, from the moment you press play to the moment it ends you are hooked and it begins to become part of your instantly. The melodies and lyrics complement each other in a way that instantly speaks to our senses and sends a certain shock to our imagination making the story that dwells within it come out into the open. So listen, see and fall in love with this amazing must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

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“My partner was struggling with addiction and panic attacks and all I wanted to do was try and fix it. One of the biggest discoveries of last year was my tendency to try and fix things.

I notice codependent patterns all throughout my life from my parental relationships to my romantic ones. One of the hardest things I came to recon with was that I tend to try and fix so that they can be the person I need them to be for me. I am learning to be what I need for myself and let go of my tendency to fix people and let them work it out on their own because I am not in control of anyone or anything other than myself.”

Lydia Luce

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