“Sun Still Shines” by Glassmaps

Uber talented UK-Based indie act Glassmaps comes to Wolf in a Suit with the surreal yet honest sonic creation that is “Sun Still Shines”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics written during the current pandemic about …well…said pandemic, delivers relatable moments that will really speak to you as it takes shape and form. The track embraces the harsh truth behind the need to stay inside as your mental health starts to suffer hits for you understand the need but the want to break free is starting to say hello more constantly. This is in no way an invitation to not follow the rules that are meant to protect us as best possible, but simply give life to how emotional it can be to be inside within your own space understanding that going outside and being with others could potentially bring something home that no one wants to invite in. There’s also something quite poetic about it as it understands that us being inside has brought forth a calmness to the world that allows nature to speak to our senses once more as it did in ancient times. It finds the beauty amongst the chaos making for a truly magical must listen gem. Enjoy!

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