“Radio Silence” by Lily Lewis

Uber-talented US-based singer/songwriter Lily Lewis gives life to a catchy and honest tale with the with track “Radio Silence”. With this captivating blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the cold and at times lonely streets of the most famous island in the country, Manhattan, as heartbreak starts to settle making everything seem depressing and disconnected. The soundscape is so vivid and lush that we can even feel a connection with her as the story unfolds and we start to realize that sadly letting go of what could have been is harder that initially thought. She offers us a chance to be vulnerable and real for the track does not paint pictures of fantasies and dreams but instead of a need for closure and a final goodbye. She truly has crafted a must listen gem for the modern masses and a track made to be added to as many playlists as possible. Enjoy!

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“This is a song about being dumped in New York City and I think it’s my first song that really feels like “me.”

Lily Lewis

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