“Strawberries” by Benedikt

From Norway comes the Norwegian indie-folk act Benedikt with their latest haunting sonic gem, “Strawberries” (From their Sophomore Album: ‘Balcony Dream’). With this refreshing hypnotizing and honest showcase of feelings and emotions, they give life a soundscape bound to caress your soul and speak to you instantly. The track builds up gently and softly with a warm touch that connects with you making sure the melodies and lyrics become and the story becomes yours as well. It explores the truth behind our human existence in a way that is poetic and truly mesmerizing allowing our imagination to become one with the tale that is being crafted verse by verse. So listen closely and dive into the sweet bittersweet magic of this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

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Strawberries is a quiet song about feeling left behind as someone or something keeps changing rapidly. With its soft layered vocals, orchestral drums and dramatic strings, the song’s mood sits somewhere between early Leonard Cohen and Nico’s “Chelsea Girl”.


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