“Liars and Fakes” by Mila Smith

Up and coming young singer/songwriter Mila Smith comes to the lands of the Wolf in a Suit all the way from South Africa with the honest and catchy sonic creation that is “Liars and Fakes”. With this down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics she gives our body a much needed escape while telling a story that is sadly so real and so easy to connect with. The track speaks of those people that only get close to you when they need something us a mask that is all smiles but once they get what they want, they are nowhere to be found. The soundscape offered a unique yet captivating duality between playful sounds and serious lyricism that allows the story to unfold naturally as it pulls us in. Her voice is perfection and frankly she introduces herself as a force to reckon with and hopefully she continues on this path and embraces her talent more and more. This track is already a must listen and gives a brief yet exciting glimpse of what she can create. Enjoy!

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“‘Liars and Fakes’ is a song I hope everyone can bop along to. The title of the song is relatively self-explanatory – it calls out the liars and the fakes. It was written about someone who communicated with me very superficially and only associated with me for their own gain, rather than chasing a genuine friendship.”

Mila Smith

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