“Butterflies” by James TW

Uber-talented UK-based indie singer/songwriter James TW comes to us with the refreshing and honest sonic and visual gem that is “Butterflies”. With this captivating blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a tale of heartache and letting go, that is sure to strike a chord with more than a few listeners. The track embraces the raw nature of the human spirit as it understands that forgetting and letting go of someone is not as easy to do as it is to say. Sometimes the heart does not cooperate and everything feels connected to that person that’s no longer there, making the butterflies continue to fly yet have nowhere to go. So listen and let the sweet dose of magic offered by this must listen gem caress your heart and soul as it reminds you that you are not alone in this quest to forget (we have all been there or might be there now). Enjoy!

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