“Prove Them Wrong” by Slopes

Up and coming Norwegian indie singer/songwriter Dag Holtan-Hartwig AKA Slopes comes to Wolf in a Suit with the passionate sonic creation that is “Prove Them Wrong”. With this exquisite and vivid blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a tale of love, heartache and all that lies in between. The track is an instant must listen gem for it finds the perfect balance between the instruments and vocals to make sure the track hits. The soundscape unfolds beautifully into our lives and delivers a story that is so human and so easily relatable making for an intoxicating and truly mesmerizing experience. The track has it all to be a must listen for any music lover for it understand that life is not always about the successes in it, but sometimes the losses that end up allowing us to grow, learn and find hope once more. So listen closely for this absolutely amazing must listen gem is waiting for you to be part of this tale that is sure to feel as if it had always been yours. Enjoy!

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“It’s about a couple in a small town being told by everyone they’re not right for each other. Nobody believes in the relationship, but they’re determined to prove everyone wrong. Things don’t work out, but in spite of it all they arrive at a place of acceptance. There’s a spark of hope in the song: it was a ride, it was intense, but things are fine now.”

Dag Holtan-Hartwig AKA Slopes

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