“Only Human” by The Satellite Station

Indie singer/songwriter Travis Rue AKA The Satellite Station comes back to Wolf in a Suit with the honest and refreshingly inviting sonic gem that is “Only Human”. This exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics is powerful and surprisingly soothing and understanding as it reminds us that being human is not as simple as we think. The soundscape understands that we all go through the good and the bad and we all rise and fall, all of this is part of the adventure we call life. Sometimes we sadly forget that perfection is not mandatory, we punish ourselves for the weaknesses that come with the human condition and in the end become our own worst enemies. The track knows that we need to stay focus and remember daily that sometimes we fail, sometimes we find success, sometimes we shine and sometimes we don’t…it’s all part of this short minute in the existence of the universe that is our life. In that revelation lies a sweet dose of magic and philosophical ambrosia that serves to bring a smile to our faces and find joy in our human condition. So listen and allow this one of a kind must listen gem to speak to you. Enjoy!

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