“Find Our Way” by Louise Noble

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Louise Noble gives life to an inspiring and touching sonic creation with “Find Our Way”. With this soothing and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale bound to speak to your heart and soul. The track makes you feel connected with others as it reminds you that you are not alone in the struggle and you won’t be alone when things are placed in the right place. It understands that we are connected in ways that we sadly don’t seem to pay attention to but we should for it brings forth so much beauty and peace. The soundscape will instantly pull you in and make you feel a sweet warmth that will make you smile as you are filled with hope that things will be alright. Enjoy!

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“I wrote this song in April 2020—as many people this past year, I was in a place of feeling lonely and like what I was feeling was inescapable. I recorded the track at my home studio and, for the first time, worked remotely via Zoom with another producer during the recording sessions. What started as a simple ballad that I initially sang and played on piano in my voice memos quickly became this incredible force of a song that I am so proud of. The layers of background vocals coupled with synth and acoustic piano bring the uplifting lyrics to new heights. “Find Our Way” is a powerful ballad that reassures listeners that we can get through hardships and difficult times together.”

Louise Noble

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