“W.A.I.S.T.D.” by Kristin Sesselja

From Iceland comes the uber-talented Kristin Sesselja with her powerful contemporary anthem, “W.A.I.S.T.D. (What am I supposed to do)”. With this refreshingly intoxicating and electrifying blend of melodies and lyrics, she balances the heartbreak with meeting someone new that feels just right. She explores the goodbye to the past and how hard it is at times to forget and let go when you are so used to the hurt. It’s an honest showcase of feelings and emotions that will immediately grab a hold of you and connect for the tale told is so human and so real that there’s no way you haven’t lived it or seen it. Her voice embraces the fire that dwells within the verses in a way that allows the song to come together and instantly serve your senses with all they ever needed to send a shockwave to your imagination. So listen carefully and dive into the amazing realm of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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