“Is That What You Like Now” by Beren Olivia

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Beren Olivia gives life to the honest sonic gem that is “Is that what you like now”. With this refreshingly human and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics, she embodies all of us at one point in the time after a relationship has ended. She embraces the fact that curiosity can get the better of us and we go back and check on our exes to see who they are with and in a way compare that stranger to us. There’s no anger or even jealousy most of the time, it’s simply a test for our ego and quite frankly it does not have a gender in specific, men and women do this equally (even if one might deny it). So listen to this amazing must listen gem and dive into this world that is sure to feel so relatable and instantly captivating. Enjoy!

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“Everyone at some point has stalked their ex online. They’ve found someone new and against your better judgment you’re making comparisons between yourself and their new partner. ‘Is That What You Like Now’ is about seeing that new person as your complete opposite down to the smallest details – “I see you’re moving on from brown to blue eyes. I guess you’re liking blonde that’s not like mine” and the doubts it casts over your whole relationship.”  

Beren Olivia

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