“Fuck Fame” by RØRY

UK-based indie singer/songwriter RØRY comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the powerful and honest sonic gem that is “fuck fame”. With this refreshingly captivating soundscape, she explores what lies within herself and aims to understand her own path within the music industry. She embodies both her young self and her current self in a way that is quite mesmerizing and personally welcomed, for it hits a lot deeper that way. She gives us the chance to sneak peek into her past trials and tribulations in her pursuit of happiness within her music. With a refreshingly raw and in-your-face blend of melodies and lyrics, she makes sure her story comes alive and pulls us instantly feeding our senses and imagination. So listen carefully and pay attention because this must listen gem has something important to share with you. Enjoy!

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“’fuck fame’ is 14-year-old-me screaming at mid-20’s me. Begging me to say something I believed in – to remind me of why we started songwriting. A messed up kid processing their ever messier emotions. But I became obsessed by the numbers, the money, and my own lack of self esteem, I drove myself crazy. I chased after all the wrong things and got my ass handed to me. Thank god for me and that kid, I got another chance to get it right.”


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