“Ghost” by Sarpa Salpa

UK based indie band Sarpa Salpa come to us with the catchy and honest sonic gem that is “Ghost”. With this enticing and instantly inviting blend of melodies and lyrics they tell a story of a love only told behind close doors and in secret for one side wants it all while the other has given most of it to someone else. The track offers our senses a vivid and mesmerizing recollection of moments lived and how each brought forth feelings and emotions that concluded with an emptiness that made the void even larger. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves caressing our hearts and souls while making sure the story connects with us in a way that hurts but also set our senses on fire. There’s something about this track that explores this complex and very human reality in a way that pulls us in an feeds us with a fine dose of must listen magic. Enjoy!

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“‘GHOST‘ is quite simply about the complexities of being in a relationship with somebody who is already committed to somebody else. It’s based very literally on a real experience and encompasses all of the jealousy, confusion, bitterness and heartbreak that was felt during that time. The chaotic nature of the music kind of reflects the turbulence of the situation and I think you really feel the intensity of those feelings not just through the lyrics but through the frenzied tangle of instruments and vocals. It’s quite a frantic listen but I think that just throws you into the turmoil of being in love with someone who only loves you back in secret.

Sarpa Salpa

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