“Bed” by Belot

UK based indie singer/songwriter Belot comes to Wolf in a Suit with the honest and empowering sonic gem that is “Bed”. With this intoxicating and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics she tells a story of a night that could go to waste if the other side focuses too much on talking and not on what they know they both want. She grabs a hold of her own sexuality and embraces the fact that she knows what she wants, she does not want time wasted being polite and having meaningless conversation, she wants to release that sexual tension in the best way possible. The track is refreshingly human and connects perfectly with the need to be true to yourself and embrace the fire that dwells within us in a way that serves as inspiration to women across the world and let’s them know that they can say what they want and go for what they crave. From the start the track invites you into her world and feeds your senses with the perfect blend of must listen magic needed to come alive within this vivid sonic realm. Enjoy!

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“‘Bed’ is about when you have a whole bunch of sexual tension with someone and although you’re both doing the polite back and forth of small talk, at the heart of it you really do just want to hook up.

I think we’ve all had some version of that with someone. I wrote the song after me and my two best friends spoke about the sort of funny social politics that are attached to that situation. What we all really want to say vs what we actually do.” 


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