“Houdini” by Palco

Uber talented indie singer/songwriter Palco comes to us once more with the hypnotizing and powerful sonic and visual gem that is “Houdini”. With this down to earth and insightful blend of melodies and lyrics she tells a story that sadly is so real and so familiar making for a truly raw and human experience. The track explores the reality of abuse and violence and how these two seem to find a home within relationships that should be made out of love and understanding. The track leaves a bittersweet taste on your lips for you understand the subject of the track has found peace but the cost…is too much. There’s something about the way the melodies flow with ease and gentle magic that embraces the verses making sure we find a connection with the soundscape from the very first second. So listen closely and aim to understand for there’s a valuable lesson to be learned within this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“This is an electronic, cinematic ballad with heavy mellotron, synth strings, and beats throughout. We really wanted to work within loose alt- pop elements while maintaining the drama of the story and mood of the topic. I wrote this song as a tribute to the women in my family who have overcome abuse and domestic violence and to the men and women suffering globally from abuse and violence. During Quarantine, domestic violence doubled world-wide and I felt compelled to write a song that was neither overt or too graphic, but that held strong victim themes such as self-blame and enmeshment. In this particular song, I wanted to make it clear in the chorus that our subject does not survive the abuse. This is something I felt really strongly needed to be elucidated in the song…that even when survivors try to escape their perpetrator, often they do not make it out alive. This is a dark, difficult, uncomfortable topic, certainly, but a conversation I thought it was worth having, nonetheless.”


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