“Psychopath” by Annika Grace

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Annika Grace comes to Wolf in a Suit with honest and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics that is “Psychopath”. With this down to earth and vivid showcase of feelings and emotions she explores the reality of wanting something yet also being afraid and suspicious of what it may bring along. The track draws inspiration from a dating history that might not be best for and can probably be classified as bad enough to leave scars that make the future be something you can’t trust. She explores the harsh truth of how these experience really leave a mark that is at times hard to erase even if the person in front you has given no reason to think of them in the worst way possible. It’s human instinct and so many experience end leaving you in a constant state of fight or flight when it comes to new relationships.

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“This is for anyone who has a bad dating history so they are skeptical when something good comes along.”

Annika Grace

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