“You can get it” by Arkells ft. K.Flay

Canadian indie band Arkells joins forces with the talented K.Flay to give life to the catchy and upbeat sonic gem that is “You can get it”. With this refreshing and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics they invite us to smile and take a second look at life and realize that dreams can become reality if we push hard enough to make things happen. The soundscape is vivid and instantly captivating serving our senses with a fine dose of musical ambrosia that serves to add fuel to the fire that already dwells within us making for one hell of a unique escape from reality. There’s something about the way the voices bounce off each other showcasing an intense and mesmerizing passion that makes sure the verses really land with the listeners inviting us to move and sing along. So listen, see and dive into the sweet release offered by this fantastic must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

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It feels like the sun is finally coming out, and the song is about being free to chase down every dream and desire. When we started writing this song, the world felt dark. We were looking for answers. You look to people who give you energy. You look for little moments that can lead you on a new path. Collaborating with K.Flay gave us that jolt. She turned the song on its head and drove it home. Our band is always evolving and growing, and she’s now in the Family.

Max Kerman of Arkells

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