“Real Hero” by Blaudzun

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented Blaudzun with the powerful and inspiring sonic and visual gem that is “Real Hero”. The track blends melodies and lyrics with utmost care and manages to deliver a touching and inviting soundscape that speaks to our senses, making us feel special. There’s something about this track that makes you feel at ease as we are reminded that we don’t need to look at movies, tv shows, and comic books to find heroes for there are some amazing ones in real life. His voice captures the magic of the verses making sure they come together one after the other pulling us as the music video comes alive and becomes one with our imagination. So listen closely, smile, and realize that out there in the world there are some people that even though they wear no cape, are some of the greatest heroes ever. Enjoy!

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“I wrote the song with the severely ill son of one of my best friends in mind. It has become a tribute to him, to his sister and his parents. At the time I wrote ‘Real Hero’ we were still hopeful that he would overcome the disease, but sadly things turned out differently. Last November, I sang a stripped-down version of the song at his funeral.”


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