“Sold my soul” by Reuben Hester

Up-and-coming uber-talented UK-based indie singer/songwriter Reuben Hester gives life to an inspiring and personal sonic gem in “Sold my soul”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives himself some peace as he opens up his heart and soul for the world to see. The track is absolutely mesmerizing and refreshingly captivating as it comes together verse after verse filled with feelings and emotions that we can relate to. There’s something about this soundscape that is instantly gratifying and hypnotizing providing our senses with a welcomed dose of must listen musical ambrosia. So listen, see, and fall prey to one of the most amazing tracks out there. Enjoy!

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“I wrote this song shortly after my father’s passing. I was struggling with the pain and slowly found myself slipping into a dark place. Most days I felt like I couldn’t write and eventually I stopped feeling anything at all. It was a difficult time.”

“Music brought me back to life. Everything I felt was put into this song. It is the most heartfelt and honest piece I have ever written.”

Reuben Hester

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