“Guillotine” by Ci Majr

Up-and-coming indie-pop singer/songwriter Ci Majr comes to Wolf in a Suit with the captivating and honest sonic gem that is “Guillotine”. With this down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale that is so human and so relatable that you are sure to instantly be hooked by it. The soundscape caresses your senses and feeds your imagination with a welcomed dose of musical ambrosia. She understands that life is made of ups and downs and sometimes we take time to learn some valuable lessons that we wished we had understood before. So listen carefully and open your wide as this must-listen / must-see gem comes alive. Enjoy!

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“Within the romantic context, this is something that I definitely have had to learn in recent years in my current relationship.  You can so easily get caught up in the same arguments over and over only to realize that maybe you were wrong all along and it was your ego that was preventing you from coming to some sort of agreement that can appease both parties. The relationship that I’m in right now has taught me so much about this, so I guess within the romantic context this song was somewhat written to my past self. Past Ci would have been a lot better off if they would have just realized that when you’re in a relationship it’s a lot less about being right all of the time, it’s about not being afraid to be vulnerable.”

Ci Majr

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