“The Wire” by Dry Clean Only

Up-and-coming indie rock band Dry Clean Only comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and they do so with the insightful and electric sonic gem that is “The Wire”. They give life to a tale so personal yet so human and raw with a refreshing and enticing blend of melodies and lyrics. The track understands the voice’s rebellious nature and embraces this perfectly with an in-your-face instrumental arrangement that will set fire to your senses.

There’s something about this soundscape that instantly speaks to you and feeds your imagination with all that it needs to paint a picture so utterly hypnotizing and down to earth. So pay attention and listen carefully for this must-listen gem has something in it just for you and all music lovers willing to dive into its unknown reality. Enjoy!

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“This is song is about a struggle with addiction, whatever that addiction may be. There’s a vice for everyone and this song exploits the feeling of being unable to let go of the instability that comes along with any kind of dependency.”

Dry Clean Only

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Artist: Dry Clean Only

Genre: Indie Rock

Location: USA

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