“Just a Phone” by Nightshift ft. Marvenko

Up and coming indie pop band Nightshift joins forces with Marvenko and together they give life to the insightful sonic adventure that is “Just a Phone”. With this down to earth and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics they explore the reality of trying to make it in the modern age as you understand that social media has become so necessary to get your name out there. They not only explore this but also give themselves a subtle shot for falling prey to this constant need to be relevant online and forgetting that real life needs you there too. They understand that the escape offered by these tools does not save you from feeling alone while having so many people “following” you online. They remind us that numbers are pretty and work to get your brand to grow but the most important number is one and that’s you. So listen, see and embrace the sweet honest touch provided by this must-listen / must-see gem. Enjoy!

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